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How love sparked a flame in one family’s hearts to create Grace+Love Candle Co.

Greenville, NC - The COVID-19 pandemic has brought rapid and unexpected changes to the world around us. As many of us struggle to adjust to the new normals of everyday life, we continue to cope by seeking joy in the little things. For husband and wife, Jamahl and Natalie Grace, choosing to embrace these drastic changes started with the simple scents of candles.

Grace+Love Candle Co sparked from Natalie Grace’s long time appreciation for candles. When the pandemic began to escalate, she said candles gave her a reason to smile while she and her family were stuck at home in Sterling, Virginia. Eventually, Jamahl Grace suggested they spend some of their new free time making candles from scratch which led to the bold decision to launch their small business this past July.

“If we’re going to be in our houses and spaces then we want it to be cozy and we want it to be happy,” Jamahl Grace said.

Grace+Love prides itself on their chemical free products and aim to provide their customers with an all natural experience. Jamahl Grace said they are concerned about what consumers put into their bodies and strive to create products that are safe to inhale. He said they create their products with their four year old twins in mind. They wouldn’t expose their children to potentially harmful products and they strive to treat their customers the same.

Jamahl and Natalie Grace said they founded their businesses on giving back to their community through donations to minority scholarship funds. They said they value the importance of education and want to support local students in their academic endeavors in any way they can.

“We’re the type of people that if we’re going to do something, we’re going to DO it,” Jamahl Grace said, “we’re not going to do it half way, we’re going to make it something that people are actually interested in.”

Natalie Grace said starting their company has allowed them to utilize their creativity and helped them realize the importance of compassion towards consumers. She said thoughtful packaging is a value they hold close to their hearts as each candle is carefully wrapped and comes with a “care card” which includes an inspirational quote.

According to Jamahl over the past four months Grace+Love has sold over 1,700 candles and has partnered with 15 different stores around the country. They have recently started offering candle making classes so that they can share their love for the craft with others. In five years, he said they hope to have transitioned their candle manufacturing outside of their home through their very own Grace+Love headquarters.

Along with learning the basics of running a small business, they said Grace+Love has brought them closer together as a family. They said as parents, witnessing their four year old twins learn and grow through participating in their business, has been inspiring. Grace+Love has given them the opportunity to teach their children important life skills.

“Everything we do we do for our family and we do it with love,” Natalie Grace said.

To support Grace+Love this holiday season check out their website at You don’t want to miss out on their Black Friday sales coming soon!

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