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Our Mission
WeINSPIRE is dedicated to sharing uplifting and inspiring stories highlighting the achievements and contributions of Black, Brown, and Indigenous Millennials.
About Us

Welcome to WeINSPIRE, an international multimedia news and media non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, where we believe in the transformative power of storytelling. Over the past ten years, we've woven a global tapestry of inspiration, sharing 150 remarkable stories. WeINSPIRE is committed to fueling a worldwide movement of hope for those navigating challenges and negative narratives.


At the core of our mission lies storytelling, a powerful force that connects, inspires, and transforms. We spotlight narratives celebrating the resilience, triumph, and diverse contributions of Black, Brown, and Indigenous Millennials. By amplifying their voices, we empower them and influence other generations, fostering understanding across diverse age groups.


Join us on this journey of positivity and empowerment. By highlighting the resilience, creativity, and contributions of Black, Brown, and Indigenous Millennials, we aim to inspire individuals from all generations to embrace positivity and make a difference in their communities.


Every story we share serves as a testament to the extraordinary potential within us all. Enjoy!

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The Vision
We strive to create a world where positive news and information are accessible to everyone and where diverse voices are celebrated and represented in the media.

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Empowering Through Internships

Our Internship Program offers talented college graduates and community members hands-on experience in using community outreach and social media to spread inspiration. By harnessing journalism, social media, and community engagement tools, our interns amplify the message of joy and foster community-driven action.

The History


WeINSPIRE CEO, Jamarl D. Clark, had a vision in April 2014 to spread positivity and inspiration to people all over the world. He sent an email to twelve people outlining this vision and soon established a team that aligned. Two months later, on June 3, the team encouraged thousands of people to share pictures, stories, and narratives of their mission to inspire through the use of the hashtag #weinspire6314. 


In September 2014, community members in Washington, D.C., united to identify how WeINSPIRE could become a global movement of positivity, inspiring and assisting people around the world.


In 2015, the WeINSPIRE team began curating ways to recognize individuals or organizations consistently going above and beyond to inspire others to service, leadership, and volunteerism. WeINSPIRE Ambassadors was born.


As WeINSPIRE gained traction across the country, Jamarl and the founding board worked toward taking the organization to new heights as an official 501(c)(3). Our nonprofit status was granted on April 20, 2018.

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