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Imani VANZAP Emphasizes The Power Of Positivity By A Clack Of Her Fan

By: Alyssa Hernandez | WeINSPIRE Journalist PEMBROKE, N.C. — Imani Vanzap, also known as social media’s number one auntie, is spreading love and positivity through her platform and merchandise line, BECOME! Vanzap accentuates whatever she says by clacking her fan, which is a part of her BECOME merchandise line.

“Entrepreneurialism has always been a part of me. I've always sold things and you know. When I was in grade school and they gave you the order forms and you sold candy for school, I was always like one of the top sellers. I just love business and I love being able to create your own footprint in the world by way of providing a service or good or an act,” Vanzap said excitedly.

She believes that business should make the world a better place.

Though Vanzap has tried many platforms over the years, including Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, she has found her most overall success on TikTok with 871.2K current followers. “Like any app, you know there are gonna be things you love about the app and you hate about the app, but I will say by and large that app was my saving grace,” Vanzap said with admiration.

Vanzap describes herself as a very “in the moment” type of person. She loves to share her life through social media! She started a show on Instagram called Imani Vanzap Conversations, in which she would talk and connect with other people. However, she plans to change the show’s name in the future.

“As a working title, it was called Imani Vanzap Conversations and that was really, honestly, I would say on Instagram where I kind of tried to make a move on Instagram because people were looking for a way out [from distress],” Vanzap said.

Imani Vanzap. Courtesy of Chelsee Rice, Vanzap’s administrative assistant.

Vanzap calls her haters mosquitos. She emphasizes to her viewers: “Don’t listen to the MOSQUITOS!” She also offers other advice for those looking to start a business or get into social media.

Imani Vanzap. Courtesy of Chelsee Rice, Vanzap’s administrative assistant.

One piece of advice she had was entertaining an audience of one, which means acknowledging each of your fans as individual people rather than an audience as a whole. Other advice included staying true to yourself and tapping into your childhood because everyone had one. She also had something to say about ideas people may have when starting a business.

“You are going to have more ideas that fail before you get to the one that works,” Vanzap said thoughtfully.

Vanzap explained how it took her 20 years to get where she is now! She shared how she tried starting many businesses before her BECOME line. She described the journey with a metaphor of mountains and valleys by saying, “The goal is to avoid the valleys.” Vanzap shared she created her brand by “having an ear towards her audience” and seeing what they are receptive to.

The reason the line is just called BECOME is that Vanzap feels by adding another word it would make her audience too niche. She feels BECOME can be different for everyone so adding a word after it would take away this factor.

Her BECOME line has t-shirt sizes all the way up to a 4XL because she believes everyone should be included in the BECOME brand! Hoodies currently are available up to a 2XL. The BECOME line also sells travel bags, pens and tumblers.

Auntie also has a Cameo-like service called Auntie’s Touch. She recently had a guest appearance on Fox Soul’s show “The House”. Vanzap is signed to Music Plant Records and has new music coming soon. One thing Vanzap wants people to know is the world will give challenges, but it is important to not let those challenges get in the way of a person’s goals. “When the world tells you no, you have to make your own yes,” Vanzap said very passionately! To keep up with Vanzap, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter! Also, check out her website! Watch Interview Here

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