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How To Master The Art of Manifestation and Overcome Your Anxiety

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

BIRMINGHAM, Al. — Michell Clark is a Washington, D.C. Content Creator. Clark, like numerous others, struggles with anxiety. According to The Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety affects 40 million adults in the U.S. yearly. This is about 18%. The ADAA also reported that as of 2020, African Americans are 20% more likely to experience mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Clark fights these statistics by combining his anxiety with his talent in content creating. He does this hoping to help others who are also afflicted with mental illnesses. Helping others reach their full potential is his passion. Clark does so through his original affirmations.

Content creating is the art of using information to contribute to digital media. Clark contributes to social media specifically with writing, photography, and editing. Clark began his writing career as a pop culture columnist for MTV News. It was this experience that connected him to the rich culture of various generations. His ability to connect and empathize with others has brought him success in content creation. His success has amassed him thousands of dedicated followers. He is verified on Instagram and Twitter to share his life-changing affirmations. Yet, Clark remains humble. He has been humbled by his struggles with anxiety. To overcome his anxiety Michell writes affirmations of positivity.

Michell Clark. Photo courtesy of Michell Clark

Despite some skepticism, affirmations do work. Affirmations work by increasing neural pathways in the brain. These pathways are located in the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex involves positive valuation and self-information processing. This is the part of the brain that helps determine self-worth in accordance with the world. This area becomes active when reading affirmations and reconsidering self-worth. It is because of this reason, affirmations have become a trend in the past year. Many creators are urging followers to claim their success. What makes Clark’s affirmations distinct is that they are original. Clark uses his life experiences to teach his followers how to become successful.

Clark gradually built his platform through blogging and Twitter in 2010. He was able to make relationships with followers to help him understand the content people were looking for online. This deepened his appreciation for his own millennial generation. This appreciation can be seen in Clark’s first published book Keep it 100: Daily Affirmations for Millennials who are Tired of Being Called Millennials. The book was first released in 2018. It is a comical guide to uplifting readers in a relatable way.

“[Keep it 100] is a cultivation of years of writing what I care about,” Clark said. “It is about a cause that is still relevant to me.”

It is this book that Clark is most proud of from his content.

“It was life-changing to realize that other people could connect or were dealing with similar emotions and appreciate my approach to talking myself out of those feelings,” Clark said.

Clark uses his experiences with anxiety to motivate others. He does this in a way that is uplifting and positive. He uses his social media to post his affirmations weekly. He stated that Twitter is his favorite platform to share content on. There, he can find others dealing with the same feelings he uses as inspiration.

“I think the world would be a better place if we’re all a little happier, a little more healed, and able to love ourselves more,” Clark said.

Despite a global pandemic, Clark still shares his positivity for those who need it. He stated that the pandemic has allowed him to grow and transition into an empathetic person. This has given him new tools he wants to share with the world in upcoming years.

“To write affirmations, I have to get myself in a space where I believe what I’m saying,” Clark shared.

Michell Clark. Photo courtesy of Michell Clark

Using honesty in his writing is an important factor when deciding which content to share with the world. Clark said that while it is easier for people to share the high points in their lives it is equally important to share the lows. This allows people to continue to grow and find inspiration in relatability.

“We’ve all done things that we’re embarrassed about and made mistakes,” Clark began.

“I want to tell stories about people who have failed but still succeeded to be inspiring through who they’ve become in-spite of their imperfections”.

Sharing knowledge and success with others is Clark’s passion. It is not limited to only writing. After freelancing as a content creator for over a decade, Clark created The Creative Summer Company (CSC) in 2020. He co-founded the CSC with his wife Duanecia Clark. CSC works to empower black-owned businesses through design, research, and strategy. CSC uses the power of social media to uplift black-owned brands. CSC’s mission is to allow businesses to stay true to themselves and reach success with creativity.

Clark said that despite his success, he wants to always enjoy himself. He has fun connecting with people and wants to remain relatable. It is his honesty and sincerity that makes his affirmations inspiring and a joy to indulge in. His content can be found on his social media accounts @Michellcclark and his website.

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