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About WeINSPIRE Internship Program 

Since spring 2016, the WeINSPIRE Internship Program has been empowering exceptional college and graduate students and community members. Our interns come from institutions across the United States, such as Johnson & Wales University, Boston University, James Madison UniversityArizona State University, East Carolina University, Jacksonville University, George Washington University and more. They use journalism, social media, and community outreach to invigorate community projects during fall and spring semesters, offering transformative internships that serve as steppingstones for tomorrow's professionals. WeINSPIRE pioneers remote internship opportunities, making them accessible from anywhere in the world. Ultimately, the WeINSPIRE Internship Program is a testament to higher education's dedication to innovation, empowerment, and holistic growth.


Learn more about our WeINSPIRE Internship Alumni Network below.

“This internship helped me further develop my time management skills and learn how to effectively communicate ideas and problems that arise. Additionally, I learned to test out different practices to see what works best.” – Former Intern 

Channing Capacchione Emmai Alaquiva.png

Channing Capacchione, a former intern at Boston University, interviewed two-time Emmy Award winner Emmai Alaquiva on WeINSPIRE's Instagram Live.

WeINSPIRE Internship Alumni Network 


Our former interns, who are now esteemed alumni, have had impactful roles in journalism, crafting engaging social media content, and orchestrating successful event-planning endeavors during their time with us. Their dedication and learning during these internships have translated into remarkable successes. The WeINSPIRE Internship Alumni Network is a testament to the enduring impact of our program, where connections flourish, shared memories find celebration, and collaborative efforts thrive. These alumni are a testament to the transformational power of the experiences we provide. The achievements of our former interns, now alumni, continue to inspire the next generation of leaders. Many have chosen to extend their journey in news and media, while others have ventured into marketing, video production, and multimedia storytelling, further showcasing the versatility and strength of their skills.











Scarlett Cinotti, Spring 2016, Social Media Coordinator, The George Washington University

Anastassia Medvedeva, Spring 2016, Social Media Coordinator, University of Vermont

Megan McIntosh, Spring 2017, Social Media Coordinator, University of Texas at Arlington

Evelyn Moroyoqui, Spring 2017, Social Media Coordinator, El Camino Community College

Jeremiah Phronebarger, Spring 2017, 2018, Social Media Coordinator, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Roy Dale Cox, Spring 2018, WeINSPIREday Social Media Coordinator, Appalachian State University

Jonnea Birdine, Spring 2019, Program Coordinator, Johnson & Wales University -Charlotte Campus

Tenesha Green, Fall 2019, Fall/Spring 2021, Journalist, Senior Editor, Jacksonville University

Matthew Sasser, Spring 2020, Journalist, James Madison University

Mitchell Sasser, Spring 2020, Social Media & Community Coordinator, James Madison University

Channing Capacchione, Summer 2020, Journalist, Boston University

Kylie Cochrane, Summer 2020, Program Coordinator, Arizona State University

Maggie Riddle, Fall 2021, Journalist, East Carolina University

Olivia Green, Spring 2021, Journalist, Howard University

Madison Neves, Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Journalist, University of Alabama

Terrell Leonard, Fall 2021, Social Media & Community Coordinator, Coastal Carolina University

Antonia Rainey, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Journalist, Senior Editor, Texas State University

Madison Cranford, Spring 2022, Development, Brown University

Destany Fuller, Spring 2022, Journalist, Texas State University

Alyssa Hernandez, Spring 2022, Journalist, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Grace Sarkisian, Summer 2022, Journalist, University of Alabama

Carolina Velasco, Fall 2022, Journalist, Santa Clara University

Jordan Green, Spring 2023, Journalist, Appalachian State University

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