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Former Interns

Jordan Green is a graduate of Appalachian State University, holding a major in Communication with a specialization in Journalism BS, complemented by a minor in Sociology. Her extensive expertise has been honed through dedicated efforts in both her academic pursuits and her active engagement with the university's renowned newspaper, the Appalachian. While her primary professional concentration lies in the realm of editing, Jordan also derives immense pleasure from the realms of writing and conducting insightful interviews, all in pursuit of crafting the most captivating and compelling stories.


Kina Velasco

Carolina, who also goes by the name Kina, hails from the vibrant city of Manila, Philippines. From a young age, she exhibited a natural inclination towards artistic pursuits, with a pronounced passion for both reading and writing. Her academic journey led her to Santa Clara University, where she achieved a significant milestone by obtaining a B.A. in Communication, accompanied by a minor in Sociology. During her time at the university, Carolina made a valuable contribution as an Editorial Assistant for the SCU Magazine Storytelling Team. In this role, she skillfully curated and shared the compelling narratives of fellow students and esteemed faculty members, with the intent of instilling inspiration in a wide-ranging audience.


Grace Sarkisian

Grace Sarkisian is a burgeoning senior enrolled at the University of Alabama, where she passionately delves into the realm of News Media. Though she originally hails from Tampa, Florida, her aspirations have set their sights on the bustling metropolis of New York City, often affectionately referred to as "The Big Apple." Within the university community, Grace serves as a dedicated writer for Her Campus at Alabama, channeling her creative energies into thought-provoking pieces. Additionally, she currently holds the esteemed role of co-editor-in-chief for Mosaic, a distinguished publication within UA's Honors College. The act of translating her thoughts into written form, now facilitated by the modern convenience of typing on a laptop, remains Grace's cherished medium for forging connections and igniting inspiration among her readers.

Alyssa Hernandez is a dedicated scholar pursuing her studies in Mass Communications with a specialized focus on journalism at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. As she journeys along her educational path, her aspirations are firmly set on the goal of becoming a versatile multimedia journalist with a keen eye on social issues. Alyssa envisions further enhancing her expertise by pursuing a Master's Degree in the field. Her journey into the world of journalism was enriched by her involvement with her university's newspaper, where she wore various hats, ranging from a diligent reporter to a meticulous section editor and eventually rising to the role of managing editor. Alyssa's fervent belief in the power of journalism as a catalyst for positive change is reflected in her passion for shedding light on pertinent social issues. She firmly believes that by drawing attention to these matters, society can strive towards greater inclusivity and understanding.


Destany Fuller, hailing from the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, is a recent alumna of Texas State University, having earned her degree in Electronic Media. Her intrinsic passion for both the written word and the world of sports has been a driving force in shaping her academic journey. Destany's unwavering ambition is to carve out a career path as a distinguished reporter within a prominent news organization. With a foundation firmly rooted in her educational endeavors, she envisions a future where her words and insights contribute to the broader landscape of journalism, while her love for sports infuses her work with a unique and compelling perspective.


Antonia Rainey is a first-generation college graduate from Texas State University, holding a bachelor's degree in English. Her passion for journalism was nurtured as a writer for The University Star, the university's newspaper. With a commitment to producing high-quality and informative content, she currently contributes her skills as a writer to The Honey POP, an online pop-culture magazine. Whether writing stories or engrossed in a book, Antonia's dedication to storytelling remains unwavering.


Olivia Green is a junior journalism major with an English minor at Howard University. She contributes as a culture reporter for The Hilltop and is an active member of the Her Campus social media team. Olivia's creative pursuits include photography, fiction writing, and poetry, all fueled by her passion for storytelling and inspiring others through journalism.


Mitchell Sasser is a graduate of James Madison University, known for his love of ultimate frisbee and rock climbing. With a strong background in mentoring at Westview on the James, he has spent seven summers guiding campers through various outdoor activities. Mitchell's passion for journalism shines through his skill in conducting interviews, allowing him to uncover and share captivating stories.


Madison Naves, a graduate of The University of Alabama, holds a degree in Communications with a focus on News Media. Her passion for storytelling led her to contribute as a writer for The Crimson White, the university's student-run newspaper. With an affinity for meeting new people, traveling, and creative narratives, Madison's journey in journalism is driven by her mission to shed light on meaningful, unheard stories. Her partnership with WeINSPIRE allows her to share these impactful narratives in a positive and engaging manner.


Maggie Riddle is a senior at East Carolina University, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. Beyond her studies, she finds joy in running, cooking, and spending time with loved ones. Maggie's professional journey includes impactful roles such as a Communications and Marketing Summer Intern at Marbles Kids Museum and a News Writer and Communications Specialist at East Carolina University. Driven by her passion for creative storytelling, she aspires to inspire others through her work every day.


Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Channing Capacchione is a driven and aspiring marketing professional. Having graduated from Boston University, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a thirst for creativity to her endeavors. Embracing her role at WeINSPIRE, Channing skillfully merges her artistic passions with a deep-seated aspiration to contribute to societal betterment. Her mission revolves around inspiring the world through heartwarming narratives, making her a dedicated force in uplifting and enriching the human experience.

Tenesha Green is a senior communication major at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, FL, originally from Alexandria, VA. For 12 years, basketball played a central role in her life until she transitioned her passion into multimedia journalism. Her heart beats strongest for writing and video editing, channels through which she creatively expresses herself. Beyond her academic pursuits, she finds joy in unwinding with Netflix, cultivating connections with friends and family, dedicating time to community service for the less fortunate, and relishing moments shared with furry canine companions.

Jordan Green
Grace Sarkisian
Destany Fuller
Antonia Rainey
Olivia Green
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Maidson Naves
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